To learn how to send LinkedIn Inmails, please follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Navigate to the To-Do page from the SourceWhale dashboard.

Step 2.

Select 'Send Inmails' and then 'Go'. You will be redirected to the person's LinkedIn profile through Sales Nav or Recruiter based on where you have sourced the contact.

Step 3.

Click 'Message' and the InMail box will appear. Next, click 'Copy Subject' and 'Copy Message'. Once the InMail has been sent, click 'Mark as Done', 'Mark as Replied', 'Mark as Interested', or 'Stop Outreach'. The campaign will not move on to the next step until this action has been completed.

Once you have actioned the InMail, you will be redirected to the next person's LinkedIn profile on your to-dos list.

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