Learn how to get the most out of our content checker feature! Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Begin drafting content at any step of your campaign. As you begin writing content, you should notice a red circle in the bottom left corner.

Step 2

Click on the red circle and a Suggestions box will pop up on the right side. The Content Checker will scan your copy in real-time and offer suggestions based on best deliverability practices. If there is a red or yellow colored icon next to the suggestion, it means there are steps you can take to improve your email content.

Step 3

Hover your mouse over the red or yellow icon to view the suggestions for your content. As you can see in the photo below, the Content Checker found potential spam words such as "success, open, and free".

If you decide to keep these words in your copy, it doesn't necessarily mean your email will go into spam, but a best practice we suggest is not to overuse the spam filter phrases in any of your email content.

Here are our best practices for each of the suggestion features in our Content Checker:

Spam filter phrases: This is a fun opportunity to get creative with your wording and replace the spam filter phrase words for something comparable that has less chance of being flagged by spam folders.

Long subject line: Best practice is to keep every subject line under 60 characters.

Long email content: Try to keep emails under 300 characters long.

Not enough custom fields: We are all about customization here at SourceWhale. Why? There is a higher chance of replies & interest from potential candidates! We recommend a minimum of 3 custom fields (dynamic & systemic variables) in your emails.

Too many links: We recommend using a maximum of two links per email.

Too many images: Placing too many images in one email can be picked up by spam filters. We recommend no more than three images per email (signature included).

Stuck or need some help? Click on the chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner to connect with our support team! 💬

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