There are many things that you can do in the SourceWhale extension without having to go back to the SourceWhale application:

  1. Edit Contact details

  2. Check if contact is in a live campaign

  3. Check when contact was last reached out to

  4. See past and future meetings

  5. Log activity

  6. Change stage

  7. Check Integration

  8. Refresh individual profile

Edit Contact Details

Click the contacts name to edit the contact details. This will automatically update in your campaign steps, you can turn this feature off by clicking the toggle at the top. If you turn this off, the updated contact details will be pushed into your CRM but will not be used for variables in your campaign sequence.

Check if a contact is in a live campaign already

The green dot by the profile picture of a contact signifies that this contact is in an active campaign. This could be one of your own campaigns or a teammate's campaign. Hover over the green dot to see which campaign they are active in.

Note: SourceWhale does not allow a contact to be in more than 1 live campaign with scheduled steps.

Check when contact was last reached out to

If a contact has been reached out by you or your teammate, there will be an email icon beside the email. Hover over it for more information and to see who contacted them and when they were contacts.

Past and Future Meetings

As well as seeing when a contact was reached out to, you can also see if you or a teammate has had any meetings in the past or has any meetings booked. Hover over the hand holding icon to see who the contact had/has a meeting with and when the meeting was/is.

Note: If there are multiple meetings, we will show the meeting that is closest to the current date and time.

Log Activity

In the Activity tab, you can see when the contact was Sourced, Messaged, and future scheduled messages. You can also log a 'Note', 'Call', 'SMS' or 'Meeting.' These will then be displayed in the tab and in the contacts page in the application.

Change Stage

In the Activity's tab, you can also change the contact's stage to 'Sourced', 'Messaged', 'Replied', or 'Interested'. You do not have to go back into the SourceWhale application to do this.

Check Integration

The Integrations tab allows you to access sync settings for the contact and check name and company matches.

If there is a company or name mismatch, a red exclamation mark will appear next to the Integration tab, prompting you to check a company or name mismatch. You will be able to select the correct name/company.

Refresh Individual profiles

There is a refresh button in the top right hand corner of the extension. You can use this to refresh individual profiles to load more information into the extension such as past experiences that may have been hidden intially.

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