SourceWhale provides a detailed Reports page to show you how you and your team are performing on the platform. There are 2 different sections to keep an eye on when looking at your team's numbers.

  1. Graph

  2. Table


At the top of the page on the left, you have the timeframe for the data, you can choose a set timeframe or choose your own timeframe by clicking the dates. You can also choose to group the data in the graph by days, weeks or months.

On the right, you can choose to filter the data, you can do this by selecting specific or multiple sourcers, senders, campaigns, tags or projects.

The graph shows you how many contacts were Sourced, Messaged, Opened, Replied and Interested for the chosen timeframe and filters. You can hover over each column to see the exact figure.

Note: Read more about how we define these stages here.


The timeframe and the filters at the top of the page will also apply to the table.

  • Choose to group by Sourcer or Sender, choosing none will group the data by the period chosen above.

  • Choose to break the data down by Gender or Ethnicity

  • Pass-through rates show the percentage of people who have moved from one stage to the next stage.

You can also download the data into an csv. file if you wish.

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