Campaigns can be set to three different statuses: Active, Paused and Archived. Setting your campaign to one of these three stages has differing impacts on your outreach.

  1. Active Campaigns

  2. Paused Campaigns

  3. Archived Campaigns

Active Campaigns

When you create your campaigns and start adding people to them, outreach will automatically start sending to the contacts that have been added to the campaign and therefore your campaign will automatically be set to active. You can find all your active campaigns in the Campaigns page.

Paused Campaigns

Pausing a campaign means stopping all outreach going out to the contacts in the campaign until you set it back to active. If you wish to pause the outreach for a specific campaign or several campaigns follow the steps shown below.

If you then wish to set that paused campaign back to active all you need to do is go into your paused campaigns > select the campaign you wish to reactivate > click on the 'Play' button. (See below)

Archived Campaigns

You can archive campaigns yourself if you have decided you do not wish to use them any more but still wish to have them as a point of reference for the future. When a campaign is archived all outreach is effectively stopped for that campaign.

If you do ever want to make an archived campaign active again follow the steps outlined below and seen in screenshot.

Go into your archived campaigns > select the campaign/s you want to make active again > click on the 'Play' button.

Note: When you set an archived campaign back to active, contacts which had been previously added to the campaign and had received outreach will only receive new outreach (i.e a new step you have added).

Campaigns which have not seen any activity in the past 30 days will automatically be archived.

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