Advanced settings are available so that you can further personalise and refine your approach to Candidate Sourcing and Business Development.

  1. Projects and Tags

  2. Languages

  3. Sync Override

  4. Email Scheduling

  5. Campaign Daily Sending Limits

To use the advance settings on SourceWhale simply create a new campaign and navigate to the top left-hand corner of the page, under the campaign name where you will find this icon:

Once on the advance settings page, you will see various options you can select in order to personalise and refine your sourcing or BD campaign.

Projects and Tags

In the advance settings campaign, you can now select the projects and tags you want the people in the campaign to be added to. To do so just click on the projects and tags drop-down boxes and select the appropriate ones for the campaign.


Select the language you want to translate SourceWhales' custom variables into. If you are writing a message in any other language than English you can select from any of the languages in the dropdown box and it will automatically translate our custom variables into the language your message is written in.

Sync Override

This option will give you the possibility to override the current team-wide setting for when to push candidates into your CRM/ATS. You can select when contacts from this specific campaign are added to your CRM/ATS system.

Email Scheduling

You can easily customise the time frame for each day when your outreach will be sent.

When you click on a day you will then be able to adjust the time frame for that day to your liking, as shown below:

You can also select other days of the week where you want the same timeframe to be applied for your outreach.

Note: We suggest that you always keep as wide a timeframe as possible in order to make sure your email deliverability is not affected.

Campaign Daily Sending Limits

On here you can change the daily limit for the number of emails going out per day for this specific campaign.

Note: Remember that that top limit is the one set on your profile on SourceWhale, therefore you will not be able to exceed that limit unless you change it within your profile settings

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