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Owners and Senders

In SourceWhale the "owner" of a campaign is whoever creates that campaign, this differs from who the sender of the campaign is. We provide you with the possibility of sending campaigns on behalf of other members of your team from within the Webapp and also from the extension.

If you are a team admin within SourceWhale you also have the ability to edit team members' campaigns.

As a default option, everyone in the team can view and duplicate each other's campaigns. However, if this is something you would like turned off, simply get in touch with our customer success team!

To change the sender of a Campaign on the extension, simply click on the arrow to the right of the "Campaign Name" box > click on the "Send as" drop-down box > select who you want to send this Campaign as.

Note: When doing this from the extension it will only apply to the particular individual you are sourcing at that moment. It is also important to check the "Sync as" options and whether the original campaign owner's name isn't written at the bottom of each message.

To change the default sender for an entire campaign; go to Campaigns in SourceWhale > select the campaign you want to change the sender for > select 'Settings' > click on the 'send as' dropdown box > select who you want to send this campaign as > remember to save!

Note: When changing the sender for a campaign from within the Webapp, the change will apply to the whole campaign i.e the whole campaign will be sent as the person you have selected.


When using SourceWhale you can duplicate your team members' campaigns, as well as your own. When doing this, remember that SourceWhale will automatically make you the default sender and owner for that duplicate campaign.

To Duplicate a team members' campaign: Go to Campaigns > Your Name > All teammates> find the campaign you want to duplicate > select the campaign by clicking the tick box to the left of the campaign > click on the duplicate icon in the top right hand corner of the page > the duplicate campaign will automatically open ready for editing and now appear within your campaigns tab.

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