Why are you getting a warning when trying to add someone as a contact or to a campaign?

When adding a contact into SourceWhale and syncing the contact into your CRM, you may have noticed a warning pops up in the chrome extension:

This is to let you know when we've detected duplicate or closely matching companies in your CRM/ATS and want confirmation on which company to map this contact to.

The plug icon on the top right-hand side of the extension will also turn blue, this warning is just to let you know if you haven't checked that already, to avoid us mapping a contact to the wrong company in your CRM/ATS.

If there are multiple companies with the same or very similar name in your CRM/ATS and you haven't doubled checked this and selected the right company you will get this warning. This helps SourceWhale avoid duplicating companies in your CRM/ATS (e.g. you already have a company called SourceWhale UK and SourceWhale Europe in CRM/ATS, its asking you whether it should assign that person to one of the existing companies or make a whole new SourceWhale company.)

What should you do when this happens?

Through the extension, you will have the option to either select the correct company onto which you want SourceWhale to map that contact to in your CRM/ATS, or create a new company.

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