You can include custom images in your campaigns to add that personal touch to your outreach. Although we do recommend you try and keep the use of pictures and videos to a minimum to maximise email deliverability. If you are going to use images, we recommend they come later in your sequence and that you personalise them!

You can upload the image and add the text (including variables!) as per below:

Step 1

Navigate to your campaign steps and select the 'Custom Image' icon.

Step 2

Select 'Browse'.

Step 3

Select the image you want to customise and press 'Open'.

Step 4

Select 'Insert Text'.

Step 5

You can select the custom variable icon to enter a custom variable, e.g. First Name.

Step 6

You can edit the font and also drag and move the text to fit the image.

Step 7

Select 'Insert'.

You will then be able to see the custom text when you run the extension on someone's profile or review your outreach when uploading a spreadsheet:

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