1. Re-add contacts with the same email address

  2. Re-add contacts with different email address

Re-add contacts that have not opened your messages (with the same email address) to a campaign

Step 1

You can filter the contacts table and campaign by "messaged" and "sourced" to see all contacts that haven't opened your messages.

Step 2

Next, in the actions tab select: add to campaign and tick the "Name" box

Re-add the contacts to a new campaign with a new email address (if available)

Step 1

Filter the list again by "sourced" or "messaged", i.e follow step 1 again.

Step 2

Then select all the remaining contacts and click download. This will download a CSV of all the contacts who haven't opened your messages.

Step 3

The next step is to re-upload this list of contacts to a new campaign via the spreadsheet upload, making sure to "search for all emails", so that SourceWhale can go and find any alternate email addresses for you to send to.

Step 4

You will then be able to see which email address has been emailed before using the grey email icon that appears on the upload review stage of the spreadsheet upload.

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