Add contacts to your campaigns quickly using our spreadsheet upload function by following these steps:

  1. Uploading the spreadsheet

  2. Spreadsheet options

  3. Review Contacts

  4. Review Outreach

  5. Adding spreadsheet contacts to Projects and Tags

With any spreadsheet upload you should check three things first:

  1. You have labelled your columns as obviously as possible. i.e. Name = Name, First Name = First Name, Company = Company, Email = Email etc.

  2. Your list is saved as either an .xlsx and .csv file.

  3. If you want SourceWhale to search your contacts email addresses, it can only search for 500 at a time. If you have email addresses for other contacts in the list already, then these don't count towards the 500.

Below is a standard column mapping used when uploading a spreadsheet, however, you only really need the information that relates to a) the variables you use in your messaging and b) the data you are going to use to send messaging (emails, LinkedIn URLs).

Spreadsheet Column Header

Mapped To in SourceWhale


Full Name




Role / Job Title






Phone Numbers





LinkedIn URL (incl SalesNav and Rec)

Social URLs



Uploading the spreadsheet

Make sure you columns of your spreadsheet are labelled e.g. Name, Company, Role, Email, Linkedin URL etc. Select upload on the left-hand side and either browse or drag and drop your list into the upload box.

Spreadsheet Options

You will need to then select from the following options;

  • Which Campaign you want to add this list to or just "add to Contacts".

  • You can alter CRM/ ATS sync options for the campaign if needed, or select the sync option if you are only adding to Contacts.

  • Whether you want to search for all emails, some emails (if you are missing any) or don't search for emails at all.

  • If you do want to search for emails, whether you want to search for work or personal emails, or both. We can also verify any emails you already have.

  • Finally, you should check your CSV / Spreadsheet column labels (left) are mapped to the correct variables in SourceWhale (right)

    • i.e. Name = Name, First Name = First Name, Company = Company, Email = Email, LinkedIn URLs = Social URLs etc.

  • It is worth noting that if your Campaign has a LinkedIn step in it (Inmail / Connection Request), you will need a LinkedIn URL in your spreadsheet.

*Searching for emails will require email search credits.

Review Contacts

You can then review the contact details for each of the contacts on your list, as well as see if this person already exists in your CRM / ATS and if someone from your business has already emailed this person. You can remove anyone you need to at this stage using the "x".

Review Outreach

Finally, you can review the messaging and steps for each of the contacts on your list by using the sequence drop-down and arrows at the bottom of the sequence editor. Once you have reviewed the messaging you need to click 'add all to campaign' in order for the contacts to be added to the campaign and for the outreach to start going out to them.

Adding Spreadsheet contacts to Projects and Tags

You can also add contacts to a Project via the spreadsheet upload function. When you upload a spreadsheet, you can find the Project section by using the grey drop-down arrow next to the campaign selector.

You can also add tags to contacts via the spreadsheet upload function. When uploaded you can find the Tags sections by using the grey drop-down arrow next to the campaign selector.

Learn how to add contacts via the Chrome extension here.

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